Ministry’s “How Are We Doing Report”

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The Ministry of Education collects data to monitor the performance of Aboriginal students in the BC public school system.  The data is published annually in the form of a report entitled “How Are We Doing?” (HAWD) which includes demographic and assessment outcomes at both provincial and school district level.

Read the latest provincial summary How Are We Doing Report.

The Ministry has been collecting the data for over 15 years, and formalized their commitment to providing the HAWD in the Tripartite Education Framework Agreement.

The HAWD Report includes:

  • FSA scores in reading, writing, and numeracy
  • Graduation rates
  • Required examination results
  • Information on children in care
  • Students in alternate programs
  • Students in special needs programs
  • Satisfaction survey results

School district level How Are We Doing reports are available on the BC Ministry of Education Reporting Website.

First Nations can also request a version of the How Are We Doing Report specific to their students in public schools by contacting the MEd Education Division at 250 356-1891 or