FNESC Staff Directory
Deborah Jeffrey Executive Director djeffrey@fnesc.ca
Jesse Fairley Manager, First Nations Languages & Culture jessef@fnesc.ca
Jo Chrona Jurisdiction/TEFA Curriculum Coordinator jchrona@fnesc.ca
Instructional Services Department
Sue Gower Specialist, Instructional Services sueg@fnesc.ca


First Nations School Support

Marie Matthew Director, First Nations Schools Initiatives mariem@fnesc.ca
Mary Jane (MJ) Del Rosario Administrative Assistant, Instructional Svcs maryjd@fnesc.ca
Karen Linkert Regional Principal karenl@fnesc.ca
Darryl Ashdown Regional Principal darryla@fnesc.ca
Keri Blacker Regional Principal kerib@fnesc.ca
Michelle Canaday Regional Principal michellec@fnesc.ca
Kirsten Baker Williams Regional Principal kirstenb@fnesc.ca
Russ Chambers Assessment Coach russc@fnesc.ca
Dawn McGuire-Reeves Assessment Coach dawnm@fnesc.ca
Brenda Humchitt Assessment Coach brendah@fnesc.ca
Andy Karassowitsch Assessment Coach andyk@fnesc.ca
Bill Dietrich Assessment Coach billd@fnesc.ca
Penny Fisher Literacy Coach pennyf@fnesc.ca
Teresa Blackstone Literacy Coach teresab@fnesc.ca
Leah Asher Literacy Coach leaha@fnesc.ca
Ernie Janzen Literacy Coach ernestj@fnesc.ca
Lillian Gogag Language Coach lilliang@fnesc.ca
Eric Wong Eat Healthy/Stay Healthy Coordinator ericw@fnesc.ca


Special Education

Holly Smith Special Education Program Senior Manager hollys@fnesc.ca
Barb O’Neill Senior Administrative Assistant, Special Education barbo@fnesc.ca
Madeline Price Special Education Program Manager madelinep@fnesc.ca
Linda Newman Special Education Coach lindan@fnesc.ca
Amanda Holland Special Education Coach amandah@fnesc.ca
Jacquie Ledoux Special Education Coach jacquiel@fnesc.ca
Andy Karassowitsch Special Education Coach andyk@fnesc.ca
Dean Heald Special Education Coach deanh@fnesc.ca
Ernie Janzen Special Education Coach ernestj@fnesc.ca
Carole Moore Special Education Coach carolem@fnesc.ca
Velma Sutherland Special Education Coach velmas@fnesc.ca
Debbie Henderson Special Education Coach debbieh@fnesc.ca
Deanne Zeidler Speech Language Pathologist deannez@fnesc.ca
Jackie Taylor Speech Language Pathologist jackiet@fnesc.ca
Rhea Lazar Speech Language Pathologist rheal@fnesc.ca
Kaali Kelso Speech Language Pathologist kaalik@fnesc.ca
Jessica Bandstra Speech Language Pathologist jessicab@fnesc.ca
Heather Campbell Speech Language Pathologist heatherc@fnesc.ca
Kim Chute Speech Language Pathologist kchute@fnesc.ca
Kate Wishart Speech Language Pathologist katew@fnesc.ca
Communications and Policy Department
Thane Bonar Director, Communications and Policy thaneb@fnesc.ca


Executive Services

Jan Haugen Manager, Executive Services janh@fnesc.ca
Pearl Morgan Executive Assistant pearlm@fnesc.ca
Kylee Mayers General Administrative Assistant kyleem@fnesc.ca
Derek Payne Programs Manager derekp@fnesc.ca


Jennifer White Senior Officer, Communications jenniferw@fnesc.ca
Steve Maiczan Records and Information Officer stevem@fnesc.ca
David Ward Events Coordinator/Administrative Assistant davidw@fnesc.ca



Juanita Coltman Manager, K-12 Policy juanitac@fnesc.ca
Vacant Early Childhood/K-12 Policy Analyst
Christian Gonzales Manager, LEA christiang@fnesc.ca



Lorraine Naziel Manager, Post-Secondary Education & Training lorrainen@fnesc.ca
Nicolas Mejia Post-Secondary Program Analyst nicolasm@fnesc.ca
Sherrie Jacobs Senior Administration Assistant, Post-Secondary sherriej@fnesc.ca

Human Resources and Support Services Department
Mike Costello Senior Director, Human Resources & Support Services mikec@fnesc.ca
Charleen Lariviere Admin Assistant, Human Resources & Support Services charleenl@fnesc.ca
Riannon Nahanee Receptionist reception@fnesc.ca



Ping Zhang Director, Finance pingz@fnesc.ca
Vick Bains Finance Officer vickb@fnesc.ca
Jean Pastores Accounts Payable Assistant jeanp@fnesc.ca


Information and Communications Technology

Alan Khara Director, Information and Communication Technology alank@fnesc.ca
Ping Jiang Data Officer pingj@fnesc.ca
Jerry Willows ICT Systems Administrator jerryw@fnesc.ca
Brian Howard ICT Helpdesk Assistant brianh@fnesc.ca
Rafael Vezzani Junior Business Analyst rafaelv@fnesc.ca
Dawn McGuire-Reeves Connected Classrooms Coordinator dawnm@fnesc.ca
First Nations Education Steering Committee
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