Deborah Jeffrey, Executive Director
Jan Haugen, Manager, Executive Services
Pearl Morgan, Executive Assistant
Starleigh Grass, Senior Policy Analyst
Ping Zhang, Director, Finance
Vick Bains, Officer, Finance
Jean Pastores, Assistant, Accounts Payable
Mike Costello, Senior Manager, Human Resources
Thane Bonar, Director of Communications and Policy
Jennifer White, Senior Officer, Communications
Steve Maiczan, Officer, Records and Information
Kylee Mayers, General Administrative Assistant
Riannon Nahanee, Receptionist
First Nations Schools Support
Sue Gower, Specialist, Instructional Services
Marie Matthew, Director, First Nations Schools Initiative
Charleen Lariviere, Senior Administrative Assistant, FNSA
Karen Linkert, Regional Principal
Darryl Ashdown, Regional Principal
Keri Blacker, Regional Principal
Michelle Canaday, Regional Principal
Kirsten Baker Williams, Regional Principal
Russ Chambers, Assessment Coach
Bill Dietrich, Assessment Coach
Dawn Mcguire-Reeves, Assessment Coach
Brenda Humchitt, Assessment Coach
Andy Karassowitsch, Assessment Coach and SEP Coach
Penny Fisher, Literacy Coach
Teresa Blackstone, Literacy Coach
Leah Asher, Literacy Coach and SEP Coach
Lillian Gogag, Language Coach
Post-Secondary Support
Vacant – Manager, Post-Secondary Education and Training
Cindy M. Charleyboy, Post-Secondary Program Analyst
Sherrie Jacobs, Senior Administrative Assistant, Post-Secondary Education
Information Technology
Alan Khara, Director of Information and Communication Technology
Ping Jiang, Data Officer
Dawn McGuire-Reeves, Connected Classrooms Coordinator,
Jerry Willows, ICT System Administrator
Brian Howard, ICT Information Systems Coordinator
Michael Tse, Information Systems Coordinator
Damayanthi Indiketi Hewage, Junior Business Analyst
Darrell Schaan, Connected Classrooms
Derek Payne, Programs Manager
Jo-Anne Chrona, Curriculum Coordinator
Jesse Fairley, Manager, First Nations Languages and Culture
Emily Yamashita, Early Childhood Development and Education Program Analyst
Eric Wong, Eat Healthy Coordinator
Special Education
Holly Smith, Program Senior Manager, Special Education
Madeline Price, Program Manager, Special Education
Barb O’Neill, Senior Administrative Assistant, Special Education
Deanne Zeidler, Speech Language Pathologist
Jackie Taylor, Speech Language Pathologist
Rhea Lazar, Speech Language Pathologist
Kaali Kelso, Speech Language Pathologist
Jessica Bandstra, Speech Language Pathologist
Linda Newman, SEP Coach
Amanda Holland, SEP Coach
Jacquie Ledoux, SEP Coach
Dean Heald, SEP Coach
Ernie Janzen, SEP Coach & Literacy Coach