First Nations Education Steering Committee
Suite #113 – 100 Park Royal South, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2
Phone: 604-925-6087  Toll-free in BC: 1-877-422-3672
General inquiries and Media:

Deborah Jeffrey Executive Director
Vacant Manager, First Nations Languages & Culture
Jo Chrona Jurisdiction/TEFA Curriculum Coordinator 
Thane Bonar Director, Communications and Policy
Executive Services
Jan Haugen Manager, Executive Services
Sarah Kim Executive Assistant
Riannon Nahanee General Administrative Assistant
Kylee Mayers Programs Officer
Sarah Lefebvre Receptionist
Jennifer White Senior Officer, Communications
Connor Morris Privacy and Research Analyst
Alana Vedan Event Coordinator
Juanita Coltman Manager, K-12 Policy
Linda Mim Early Childhood/K-12 Policy Analyst
Christian Gonzalez Manager, LEA
Nicolas Mejia Manager, Post-Secondary Education & Training
Emily Riddle Post-Secondary Program Analyst
Adrienne Larocque Post-Secondary Program Analyst
Sherrie Jacobs Senior Administration Assistant, Post-Secondary
Mike Costello Senior Director, Human Resources & Support Services 
Miguel Benito Garcia Admin Assistant, Human Resources & Support Services
Ping Zhang Director, Finance
William Siu Finance Officer 
Jean Pastores Finance Officer
Tracey Tian Finance Assistant 
Information and Communications Technology
Alan Khara Director, Information and Communication Technology
Ping Jiang Data Officer
Roy McKenzie ICT Systems Administrator 
Brian Howard Information Systems Coordinator
Muntaj Kahlon Junior ICT Helpdesk Assistant 
Rafael Vezzani Business Analyst 
Dawn McGuire-Reeves Connected Classrooms Coordinator
Saab Singh Sandhu Regional ICT Helpdesk Assistant (Lower Mainland)
Chris Thomason Regional ICT Helpdesk Assistant (Vanc. Island)
Ali Pashaei Regional ICT Helpdesk Assistant 
Anish Sodhi Regional ICT Helpdesk Assistant 
Sue Gower Specialist, Instructional Services
First Nations School Support
Marie Matthews Director, First Nations Schools Initiative
Mary Jane (MJ) Del Rosario Administrative Assistant, Instructional Svcs 
Karen Linkert Regional Principal
Darryl Ashdown Regional Principal
Keri Blacker Regional Principal
Michelle Canaday Regional Principal
Kirsten Baker Williams Regional Principal
Russ Chambers Assessment Coach
Vacant Assessment Coach
Brenda Humchitt Assessment Coach
Andy Karassowitsch Assessment Coach
Bill Dietrich Assessment Coach 
Penny Fisher Literacy Coach 
Teresa Blackstone Literacy Coach 
Leah Asher Literacy Coach
Ernie Janzen Literacy Coach 
Lillian Gogag Language Coach
Jacqueline Jim Language Coach 
Eric Wong Eat Healthy/Stay Healthy Coordinator 
Special Education
Holly Smith Director, Special Education Program
Barb O’Neill Executive Assistant, Special Education
Rosie Caputo Manager, Special Education Program 
Linda Newman Special Education Coach
Amanda Holland Special Education Coach
Jacquie Ledoux Special Education Coach  
Andy Karassowitsch Special Education Coach 
Dean Heald Special Education Coach 
Ernie Janzen Special Education Coach 
Carole Moore Special Education Coach
Velma Sutherland Special Education Coach 
Debbie Henderson Special Education Coach 
Cindy Lee Matthew Special Education Coach 
Amber Anderson Special Education Coach 
Deanne Zeidler Senior Speech Language Pathologist
Jackie Taylor Speech Language Pathologist 
Rhea Lazar Speech Language Pathologist 
Kaali Kelso Speech Language Pathologist
Jessica Bandstra Speech Language Pathologist 
Heather Campbell Speech Language Pathologist 
Kate Wishart Speech Language Pathologist 
Stephanie Gould Speech Language Pathologist
Jill Weeres Speech Language Pathologist
Grace Libardo Speech Language Pathologist 
Marilyn Edwards Speech Language Pathologist 
Amy Makaroff Speech Language Pathologist 
Anita Samuels Physiotherapist
Maureen LaFleche Assistive Technology Coach