First Nations Education Jurisdiction Regional Workshops

Nanaimo, Coast Bastion   Feb. 21, 2017   Register
Kamloops, Coast Kamloops   Mar. 14, 2017    Register
Vancouver, Coast Plaza   Mar. 15, 2017   Register
Prince George, Sandman Signature Hotel  Mar. 20, 2017    Register

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Visit the Jurisdiction page for additional background and resources.

About the Meeting

These four First Nations Education Jurisdiction Regional Workshops are an opportunity to:

  • learn about First Nations education jurisdiction in BC
  • find out if becoming involved in the jurisdiction initiative is right for your First Nation

The education jurisdiction initiative provides formal recognition by the federal and provincial governments of a First Nation’s right to make decisions about the education of its children through signed agreements.

BC First Nations achieved this recognition in 2006/2007 with the signing of a jurisdiction framework agreement and the creation of new jurisdiction enabling legislation.

With the positive changes in federal government fiscal policy, there is now new opportunity for First Nations to finalize the implementation of jurisdiction over education.

Hotel Booking

  • Nanaimo, Coast Bastion, book by February 3, 2017, quoting FNESC Jurisdiction Workshop, single rate $117, Reservations 1-800-663-1144
  • Kamloops, Coast Kamloops, book by March 1, 2017, quoting FNESC Jurisdiction Workshop, single rate $100, Reservations 1-800-663-1144
  • Vancouver, Coast Plaza, book by February 28, 2017, quoting FNESC Jurisdiction Workshop, single rate $107, Reservations 1-800-663-1144
  • Prince George, Sandman Signature Hotel, book by February 26, 2017, quoting “234323 – First Nations Education Steering Committee,” Reservations 1-800-726-3626

Event Information

Pearl Morgan, FNESC Executive Assistant
Phone:  (604) 925-6087

Planning Your Attendance

Attendance and Travel Claims
We recommend attendance by two representatives per First Nation:

  • a political representative (i.e. Band Council member with the education portfolio or Chief )
  • an education technical representative (i.e. education coordinator or principal)

Both representatives can claim travel reimbursement (maximum 2 per First Nation). See the Sample Travel Claim Form January 2017 which has important policies on the reverse.

Travel claims must be received within 30 days with original receipts, as per FNESC Financial Policies.  See travel claim/hotel policies on the sample .

Space permitting, additional representatives can attend but their travel/hotel will not be reimbursed.

Schedule:  meeting 9:00 am to 4:00 pm; breakfast  (8:30 am) and lunch provided.