The following table shows First Nations Education Steering Committee, First Nations Schools Association, and Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association programs and support contacts.  For full details, please visit the individual program pages or use the contact provided.

AcronymAllocation Programs
AIEArtists In Education
CFNMICOVID‐19 Funding for First Nations‐Mandated Institutes
COOPFirst Nations & Inuit Youth Employment Strategy Co-operative Education Program
COREMICore Funding for First Nations Mandated Institutes
CRLLGCOVID‐19 Related Learning Loss Grants
CRLLGPCOVID‐19 Related Learning Loss Grants - Public Schools
CRSSCOVID Related Student Support Grant
CWBCircle of Well-Being
EDGOVEducation Governance
EIEIAHLA External Institute Evaluation
FNACFirst Nations Authorized Course
FNHSCPFirst Nations Health and Science Related Career Promotion Program
FNLCPFirst Nations Schools Language and Culture Program
FNLTMAPFirst Nations Language Teacher Mentor-Apprentice Program
IEAFIndigenous Emergency Assistance Funds
IIEInnovations In Education
IFNCBInterested First Nations Capacity Building
ILP-FDIndigenous Language Proficiency - Fluency Degree
LEAFirst Nations Local Education Agreement Grant
NFNCBFirst Nations Education Jurisdiction Capacity Building Funding for Negotiating First Nations
PCPParents Club Projects
PSPPBC First Nations Post‐Secondary Partnerships Program
SAPFirst Nations Schools Assessment Implementation Project
SBPPFirst Nations Schools School Bus Purchase Program
SEPFirst Nations Schools Special Education Program – School-Based Projects
SEP HCFirst Nations Schools Special Education Program – High Cost Allocations
SGPFirst Nations Schools Assessment School Growth Implementation Project
SLPFirst Nations & Inuit Youth Employment Strategy Skills Link Program
... CPACareer Promotion and Awareness Program (SLP)
... MWPMentored Work Placements (SLP)
... STPScience and Technology Program (SLP)
SWEPSummer Work Experience Program