First Nations Languages


Since its earliest establishment, FNESC has actively promoted and supported a variety of First Nations languages professional development, research, programming and services.  FNESC has an active subcommittee of community representatives that is focused on this important work. Currently, FNESC and its First Nations Languages Subcommittee, is engaged in a number of initiatives:


  • First Nations Language Roundtable
  • First Nations Languages Teachers Education Program
  • First Nations Language Degree Framework
  • Language and Culture Teachers Pro-D Opportunities
  • K-12 BC First Nations Language Curriculum Building Guide
  • Developing a joint work plan with the Association of BC Deans of Education



  • Established in 1992, the First Nations Education Steering Committee is an independent society led by a strong and diverse board of 110 First Nations community representatives.

    FNESC is committed to improving education for all First Nations students in BC.