Post-Secondary Subcommittee

FNESC has an active Post-Secondary Subcommittee that works to advance issues related to First Nations post-secondary education and to develop united responses to provincial and federal PSE policies and programs.  The overall goal of the work done to date has been to ensure that all BC First Nations students have access to high quality post-secondary opportunities.

The Subcommittee is comprised of FNESC Board members who are selected based upon their experience and knowledge of First Nations PSE.  The subcommittee meets regularly to discuss relevant issues and reports to the FNESC Board regularly regarding PSE matters.

Subcommittee Members

Member Band Position Appointed Term Ends
Darrell Jones Splatsin First Nation Chair July 2014 July 2015
Marlene Erickson Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Vice-chair July 2013 July 2015
Debbie Moore Kitselas Indian Band Member July 2014 July 2016
Diane Louis Okanagan Indian Band Member July 2014 July 2016
Melissa Boles Nazko First Nation Member November 2014 July 2015

Research and Resources

Post-Secondary Resource Line 1-877-280-4151 or email the resource line coordinator

Education Coordinator Workshop – News coming soon for 2015 workshops

FNESC PSSSP Funding Gap Analysis: BC Region January 2009

Support Our Future Now – Literature Review and Discussion Paper to Support a Business Case for Increased Support for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada’s PSSSP and UCEP in the BC Region

Analysis of INAC PSE Guidelines in Regards to Transition to Post-sec. Opportunities

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