Post-Secondary Subcommittee

The FNESC Post-Secondary Subcommittee (PSSC) has been formed to address First Nations post-secondary education issues.

The role of the PSSC
– To participate in and contribute to discussions about post-secondary education
– To identify areas that require attention in the long and short term
– To advocate for post-secondary initiatives and services as necessary
– To seek community input to identify and prioritize post-secondary issues
– To develop unified responses to provincial and federal post-secondary issues

Latest News

FNESC PSSSP Funding Gap Analysis: BC Region January 2009

Education Coordinator Program – Education Coordinator Flyer (coming soon)

Education Coordinator Workshop – PowerPoint (coming soon)

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada 2012-2013 PSSSP Program Guidelines  (Updated April 2012)
2012-2013 PSE Program Guideline changes
July 20-2011 – Memo – PSE Gap Analysis Tool
Data Collection Form (legal)
Data Collection Form (letter)
Draft Definitions PSSSP Data Collection Form-1
Analysis of INAC PSE Guidelines in Regards to Transition to Post-sec. Opportunities
2010 Regional Sessions -INAC’s PowerPoint Presentation

Post-Secondary Resource Line

The Post-Secondary Resources Line is a toll-free telephone number for education workers to call for support in post-secondary education.  The purpose is to assist education workers in the following topic areas:

  1. INAC Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP);
  2. University College Entrance Program (UCEP) information;
  3. Post-Secondary Student Report forms;
  4. BC’s Post-Secondary Education Allocation Methodology and application processes;
  5. Plus any other post-secondary education questions that arise

Contact toll-free: 1-877-280-4151 or email:

FNESC would like to acknowledge the support of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development for its support of this initiative.


Post-Secondary Subcommittee Members and Terms of Membership

Member Band Position Appointed Term Ends
Darrell Jones Splatsin First Nation Chair July 2014 July 2015
Marlene Erickson Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Vice-chair July 2013 July 2015
Debbie Moore Kitselas Indian Band Member July 2014 July 2016
Diane Louis Okanagan Indian Band Member July 2014 July 2016
Melissa Boles Nazko First Nation Member November 2014 July 2015


PSSC Members 2014/2015

Last Updated: December 10, 2014

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