Over the years, FNESC has created several new resources for public and First Nations schools to promote greater understanding of First Peoples and make the BC curriculum more accurately reflect the experiences of First Nations peoples.

For example, FNESC, the First Nations Schools Association and the Ministry of Education worked in partnership to create and promote the use of new provincial curricula for English First peoples 10, 11 and 12 and to compile information about authentic First Peoples texts to support elementary school teachers.  There is also a joint commitment to create additional resources that will help to better inform all students about First Nations issues and realities.  A resource for First Peoples Math Grades 8 and 9 has also been developed.

FNESC and FNSA are currently working on new Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation Curriculum and Career Journeys First Nations Career Role Models materials.

We welcome feedback on all of our resources, and invite you to browse them in our Resources menu.