FNESC and FNSA jointly administer the Summer Work Experience Program. SWEP allocation letters are distributed to communities stating the specific funding amount per First Nation organization, which is determined using a base amount plus per capita formula. If you need a copy of your Band’s allocation letter, email kyleem@fnesc.ca.

Please submit a detailed proposal based on your allocation amount by June 25, 2021 via the online submission button, by email to reception@fnesc.ca, or by fax to 604-925-6097. Please contact Kylee Mayers, FNESC, Programs Officer, at kyleem@fnesc.ca if you any questions or concerns.

Please note: As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, FNESC is committed to continuing supports for First Nations and to adapt program delivery approaches to reflect the current situation. Please consult Appendix A. COVID-19 Recommendations & Support in the program guidelines for more information to assist in the proposal process during these unprecedented times.

Program Resources

2021-2022 SWEP Guidelines
2021-2022 SWEP Proposal Template

Program Objectives

  • To help acquire skills by providing wage subsidies for their summer work experience;
  • To assist First Nations and Inuit secondary and post‐secondary students in preparation for future entry into the labour market by enabling them to obtain employment experience; and
  • To enable First Nations and Inuit youth to earn wages to help finance their post‐secondary education.

Eligible Participants

Eligible recipients are First Nations communities in the British Columbia region.  Eligible recipients may then enter into agreements with private sector and non-profit sector employers to access employment opportunities for youth.

See full details in the SWEP Program Guidelines or contact us 604-925-6087 kyleem@fnesc.ca if you have any questions.

Technical Support

Download Instructions for all PDF forms:

  1. Click to open PDF file.
  2. Click on the Save button found in the Toolbar of the PDF file.
  3. Save File to Desktop.
  4. Close Internet Explorer/Chrome/FireFox/Safari.
  5. Locate the saved file on Desktop.
  6. Double Click to open the saved file.
  7. Enter information into the form.
  8. Click on the Save button.
  9. Attach the form to your email and submit.

For any help, feel free to contact Brian Howard, Information Systems Coordinator at
1-855-260-8539 or brianh@fnesc.ca