This series provides an overview of key special education topics for educators and families. BC First Nations school educators and administrators who require more information or have specific questions are welcome to contact the FNESC special education staff.

The Talking About Special Education Series (Updated 2021) is provided by the First Nations Schools Association and First Nations Education Steering Committee to share information with educators and families about how to support First Nations students.

Vol. 1: An Overview
Vol. 2: An Introduction for Parents/Families
Vol. 3: Individual Education Plans
Vol. 4: A Parent’s Guide to Individual Education Plans
Vol. 5: Speech and Language Therapy
Vol. 6: Attention Deficit / Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
Vol. 7: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Vol. 8: Autism Spectrum Disorders
Vol. 9: Gifted Education
Vol. 10: Trauma-Sensitive Teaching
Vol. 11: Occupational Therapy
Vol. 12: Physiotherapy
Vol. 13: Assistive Technology
Vol. 14: Positive Behaviour Interventions