First Nations have continually promoted a focus on First Nations languages, cultures, traditions, and current realities, understanding the importance of First Nations students having a positive sense of self-identity, the need for more widespread awareness of First Nations concerns and circumstances, and the important role of education in revitalizing and transmitting First Nations languages and cultures.

Program Resources

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FNESC Initiatives

  • FNESC ‘s Languages Subcommittee has continually directed the organization’s efforts to promote and support a variety of First Nations language professional development opportunities, research projects and services. It includes representatives of First Nation communities and schools, as well as partner organizations.
  • With the advocacy that led to the renewal of our tripartite agreement with Canada and BC (the BC Tripartite Education Agreement) we achieved new funding and policy changes to support language and culture education.
  • The First Nations Language Teacher Mentor Apprentice Program (FNLTMAP) continues to assist language teachers in increasing their First Nations language fluency. Proposals now being accepted.
  • For the past several years, significant effort has been made to explore a possible First Nations Language Proficiency Degree Program, working together with the Indigenous Language Proficiency Degree Consortium.
  • FNESC also continues to support research and curriculum development work.

Additional Resources

Handbook for the First Nations Language and Culture Program for First Nations Schools in BC (2018)  The plans and procedures outlined in this Handbook are being implemented for the first time in 2018/2019, and may evolve over time in response to input from First Nation community and school representatives.  Feedback on the initial program implementation is welcome.

First Nations Language Curriculum Building Guide (2016)

Reviving Your Language Through Education:  BC First Nations Language Education Planning Workbook (2016)