Learning First Peoples Summer Institute
August 28, 29, & 30, 2023, Richmond
The Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

The Learning First Peoples SummerInstitute, coordinated by the First Nations Education Steering Committee and First Nations Schools Association, is designed to support educators to bring quality, authentic First Peoples teaching and learning into BC classrooms. The sessions will introduce resources that focus on themes, issues, and topics of importance to First Peoples learning and informed by the First Peoples Principles of Learning. These sessions will also support implementation of the new Indigenous-focused graduation requirement, which is coming into effect September 2023.

At each session, participants will receive a printed copy of the teacher resource guide, collaboratively explore its units, discuss implementation of the lessons/activities, and participate in collegial discussions with other educators. Sessions can be selected individually. Event flyer is attached for sharing.

Sessions and Descriptions

August 28, 2023     English First Peoples Gr. 10-12 Teacher Resource Guide
Presented by Jo Chrona and Anne Tenning            

Founded upon the First Peoples Principles of Learning, English First Peoples courses for Grades 10-12 offer all BC students the opportunity to explore First Peoples’ worldviews through written, visual, and oral literature. The courses were developed through the collaboration of FNESC and the BC Ministry of Education.  It is notable that English First Peoples (EFP) 12 is fully equivalent to English 12 for post-secondary entrance requirements. The EFP 10-12 Teacher Resource Guide (2018) has been revised to reflect the revised BC curriculum and incorporates recently-published First Peoples literature. At this workshop, teachers will receive a copy of the resource guide, discuss its use, participate in an activity from the guide, and see our display of First Peoples literature.

August 29, 2023     BC First Peoples 12 Teacher Resource Guide
Presented by Anne Tenning and Desiree Marshall-Peer        

FNESC and FNSA’s new resource, the BC First Peoples 12 Teacher Resource Guide, is intended to support students and teachers of BC First Peoples 12.  The resource has eight thematic units: Here, Now; Story and Storytelling; Honouring the Children; The Power of Names; Acknowledging Rights; Food, Health, and Wellness; Resources and Economies; Maps and Borders; and Taking Action. Participants will receive a copy of resource guide, collaboratively explore its units, discuss implementation of its lessons, and network with other educators.

August 30, 2023     Math & Science First Peoples Teacher Resource Guides

Presented by Anne Tenning and Desiree Marshall-Peer    

The Math First Peoples Teacher Resource Guide (Elem./Sec.) and Science First Peoples Teacher Resource Guide (Sec.) supports educators to respectfully integrate BC First Peoples scientific and mathematical knowledge and perspectives into their classrooms. The math guide has the following units:  Contemporary Cultural Artefacts, Ceremony and Storytelling, “Space” and the Cosmos, Sustenance from the Land, The Build Environment, Sustaining the Land and Water, and Games. The science guide has the following units: Indigenous Science Perspectives, Transformation and Evolution, Relationships to Fresh-Water, Shaping the Land, Place-Based Ethnobotany Inquiry, Salmon and Interconnectedness, Connecting Climate Change and Food Security, Forests and First Peoples, and Hunting and Trapping.



Registration fee: $30 per session. You may select 1, 2 or 3 sessions.

Credit card:  Credit card is accepted online during registration or phone in credit card payment to CivicInfo at 250-383-4898.

Cheques: Payable to First Nations Education Steering Committee c/o CivicInfo Mail to: CivicInfo BC, #203 – 4475 Viewmont Avenue, Victoria BC, V8Z 6L8.

Participant name must be included with the cheque.

Registration fees must be received by August 15, 2023 or your registration will be cancelled.


Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, 7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC
Room rate from $270+tax

Reservations: 1-800-663-0299 or 604-273-7878 quoting “FNESC First Peoples Summer Institute”
Book online: Sheraton Booking Link
Book by August 8, 2023

Parking is complimentary for meeting attendees and overnight guests.


First Nations school, public school and independent school educators are eligible to attend. Max. 65 people per session. Travel and accommodation are not reimbursable.


Session 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Breakfast (8:00 am) and lunch provided.

Health and Safety

Please stay home if you are feeling unwell. Only registered participants are eligible to attend. Family and friends cannot attend the event at any time, including for meals. The decision to attend in-person events is a personal one and it should be made in consideration of your individual risk factors and vulnerabilities.

Event Contact

Steven Nootchtai, Administrative Assistant, FNESC
Toll-free 1-877-422-3672  P: 604-925-6087  stevenn@fnesc.ca