Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context, Gr. 8/9 is currently being updated to reflect the significant changes that have happened since we first published the guide in 2011.  We anticipate it will be available in mid-August 2020 and we will post it to this webpage.


The Math First Peoples Resource Guide is designed to support teachers of Mathematics 8 and 9 in British Columbia extend their existing practice to incorporate new approaches that make the BC school system more reflective of the realities of First Peoples in this province and improve overall levels of student success.

It is based on the belief that by bringing content, perspectives, and teaching approaches associated with First Peoples into the math classroom, teachers will…

  • Help all students better appreciate the presence and importance of mathematics and mathematical thinking within all human cultures and activities
  • Give all students a better sense of the significant place of First Peoples within the historical and contemporary fabric of this province
  • Help their Aboriginal students in particular to feel more comfortable in mathematics learning situations and more motivated to participate and focus – thus becoming able to learn more effectively, experience increased academic success, and develop numeracy concepts and skills for lifelong use.

This resource was created by the First Nations Education Steering Committee and the First Nations Schools Association with the support of the BC Ministry of Education and the Education Partnerships Program of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

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See the Math First Peoples Teacher Resource Guide

Additional Resources

The Water-Keepers – CD Digital Content for Use with Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context Grade 8 and 9 (2012)  (zip file 116MB)

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