The BC First Nations Land, Title, and Governance Teacher Resource Guide (2019) is designed to support the understanding of traditional and contemporary forms of First Nations governance specific to First Nations in BC. It provides background information relevant to all teachers and students, and provides suggested activities and resources for grades 2 to 12.

This guide is divided into six different multi-grade thematic units as well as additional support material.

The introduction offers key information to support and guide teachers in facilitating the respectful and meaningful inclusion of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives in the classroom. While the first four units are organized by grade level, teachers will find activities in all of them that can be adapted to other grades as needed. Unit 5 and 6 can be applied to grades 4-12.

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Adaptation Ideas

See FNESC/FNSA Teacher Resource Guides, Units, Lessons, and Activities for Blended or Remote Learning Contexts (Dec. 2020) for adaptation ideas relating to this publication. This guide is designed to identify the units, lessons and/or activities within FNESC/FNSA teacher resource guides that can be most readily adapted for remote or blended learning situations.



Blackline Masters, Unit 1 – 4

Blackline Masters, Unit 5