As described in the BC Tripartite Agreement (2018), BC, Canada and FNESC are committed to improving First Nation Student outcomes and acknowledge Local Education Agreements (LEAs) as an important mechanism to increase accountability and to promote and achieve effective working relationships between First Nations and local boards of education, enabling them to work collaboratively to support First Nation students.

The Parties are undertaking the steps set out in Schedule H of BCTEA to fulfill their commitment under section 4.12 of the Agreement to develop and implement a strategy, and related policies, to support the negotiation and implementation of Local Education Agreements (LEAs) between First Nations and boards of education or BC Independent Schools

FNESC has developed an LEA toolkit, comprised of template agreements, letters and other tools, to assist First Nations to negotiate and implement effective LEAs. FNESC has also provided a wide range of LEA workshops to support First Nations in the process of developing and implementing Local Education Agreements.

Current LEA Resources

Important: Please note that these resources are not intended as legal advice. They are draft items for discussion purposes only.

  • See the BC Tripartite Education Agreement (Section 4 and Schedule H), outlining the LEA commitments.
  • These LEA Guiding Principles (draft) apply to the negotiation, interpretation and implementation of LEAs in BC, and are intended to inform legislative and policy review and changes to support LEA development and implementation
  • Where there is no locally negotiated LEA in effect in relation to the First Nation students attending BC Public Schools, the First Nation(s) may opt to utilize the Provincial LEA (described in Schedule H [Local Education Agreements]).  See the Provincial LEA (Draft Sept. 2020)