The following resource pages have been developed to support First Nations Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Coordinators in carrying out their important work of providing guidance to students, administering funding, and implementing community post-secondary education priorities.

We welcome suggestions from PSE Coordinators for additional resources for these pages.

Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Resource Line

FNESC’s PSE Resource Line is a phone and email service available to First Nations PSE Coordinators. Through the service, coordinators can ask questions about administering the Post-secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) and the University and College Entrance Preparation Program (UCEPP), scholarships and awards and other PSE issues.  Most inquiries are answered on the same business day that they are received.

Phone: 1-877-280-4151    Email:

Here are just a few examples of the questions we receive at the Resource Line:

  • Is this student expense eligible?
  • What does this government policy mean?
  • Where can I go for UCEPP information?
  • How is post-secondary education funding allocated?
  • How do I fill out these forms?

FNESC PSE Coordinator Workshops

Thank you for your participation to 2022-23 Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Coordinator Workshops. It was an opportunity to support community capacity-building in PSE and provide an opportunity for engagement with First Nations on key initiatives underway in post-secondary, in particular the development of the BC First Nations Tripartite PSE Model. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

FNESC 2023-2024 PSPP Webinars

We will hold Zoom webinars to provide information and tips to support proponents in submitting successful proposals to for the 2023-2024 Post-Secondary Partnerships Program (PSPP). Find the event details at