Thank you to everyone who attended the virtual 2021-2022 Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Coordinator Workshops. These sessions were intended to support community capacity-building in PSE and provide an opportunity for engagement with First Nations on key initiatives underway in post-secondary, in particular the development of the BC First Nations Tripartite PSE Model.

These workshops took place regionally to ensure that the unique perspectives and challenges of each region were reflected in discussions.

Workshop Resources

The following resources are available from this workshop:

The workshops had the following major agenda items:

  • Administration of the Post-Secondary Student Support Program and University and College Entrance Preparation Program and changes to the National Program Guidelines
  • Development and implementation of effective Local Operating Guidelines
  • Sharing of best practices related to supporting students and administering post-secondary funding
  • The implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act in relation to First Nations post-secondary education
  • Discussion on ongoing work on the development of the BC First Nations Tripartite Post-Secondary Education Model, with a particular focus on policy, funding and program delivery models for First Nations students
  • Sharing of information on key First Nations post-secondary initiatives, such as core funding for First Nations-mandated institutes and the BC First Nations Post-Secondary Partnerships Program