The main objective of this program is to increase the fluency of First Nations language teachers working in First Nations schools.

The FNLTMAP supports one-on-one teams that include a language Mentor (a fluent or highly proficient language speaker) and an Apprentice (a language learner). The Mentor and Apprentice will jointly complete 300 hours of language immersion work over eight months, spending their 300 hours together doing everyday activities using the language at all times. In this program, learners will become more fluent in an immersion environment, which is an especially valuable approach for revitalizing languages with a small number of fluent speakers remaining.

All BC First Nations schools are eligible to apply for sponsorship for FNLTMAP Teams. As the purpose of this program is to support fluency building for educators, only teachers (including EAs, as applicable) working in a First Nations school will be eligible for sponsorship.


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