The 2018 BC Tripartite Education Agreement (BCTEA) includes commitment by BC, Canada and FNESC to an innovative approach to ensuring adequate and appropriate transportation services for First Nations students who attend public schools. BCTEA introduces new tools such as Joint Transportation Plans and the targeting of transportation funding to ensure that First Nations students receive the transportation services they need.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • July 9, 2021 – School districts are expected to submit their funding reports to by July 9, 2021 (more information below).
  • August 13, 2021 – First Nations and school districts are expected to submit their Joint Transportation Plans to by August 13, 2021 (more information below).

Development and Submission of 2021/2022 Joint First Nation Student Transportation Plans

First Nations and Boards of Education may use the following documents and templates for the development of 2021-22 Joint Plans.

To provide further support to First Nations and school districts in the process of developing their Joint Transportation Plans, the Parties have compiled and answered the questions raised in the following document: 2021/22 Comprehensive Questions and Answers (June 2021).

School districts may submit co-signed Joint Transportation Plans by August 13, 2021 to

Reporting for the 2020/21 School Year Joint Plans

As noted in the approval letters and the First Nations Student Transportation Funding Planning and Procedures (October 2020) document, there are specific reporting requirements for the transportation funding.

Reporting on “to/from” Funding

Boards are expected to report on how the “to/from” funding allocation assisted in reducing travel times and extended services to First Nation Students. This information will assist in outlining some of the benefits associated with the Fund in providing additional or improved “to/from” transportation services and it will inform future planning.

NOTE: The above reporting requirements are in addition to the Ministry of Education’s regular financial reporting related to special grants.

Transportation to Extracurricular Activities

Boards are required to administer these funds in order to collect data and report as per the Extracurricular Reporting Template (below). This data will help support student participation in extracurricular activities and develop a more permanent approach to transportation for extracurricular activities.  

The documents below may be used by school districts to submit reports:

Please submit completed reports to by July 09, 2021.

About the First Nation Student Transportation Fund

As a component of BCTEA, the Parties agreed to establish a First Nation Student Transportation Fund (“Fund”) to address the transportation needs of First Nation Students who live on-reserve and attend BC Public Schools.

Starting in 2018/19, Boards of Education (“Boards”) and First Nations were encouraged to work together to determine First Nation Student transportation needs and co-develop Joint First Nations Student Transportation Plans (“Joint Plans”). The Plans are to include strategies to address various modes of transportation, such as walking, driving, bussing, ferry or water taxi, depending on local needs, as well as transportation to extracurricular activities. The Joint Plans should be informed by the Guiding Principles for Developing Joint First Nations Student Transportation Plans (“Guiding Principles”) outlined below and criteria established by the BCTEA Parties.

Learn More

  • Go to the BCTEA homepage
  • See BCTEA Schedule G – Transportation for details about the transportation commitments.
  • For questions about the Joint Plan submission requirements, First Nations may contact Christian Gonzalez, Manager, Local Education Agreements, FNESC, at, and Boards of Education may contact Jane London, Project Director, Funding and Financial Accountability Branch, Ministry of Education, at

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