These learning resources are designed to help Grade Five students attain an understanding of the history of the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people over Canada’s history. The primary learning resources are published literature, enabling a cross-curricular approach employing both Language Arts and Social Studies learning standards.

While the instructional activities are presented in a structured format that is an example of how they may be incorporated, they are intended to be flexible in their use. They allow for the application of both a First Peoples Pedagogy and the BC Social Studies Curriculum.

Below, find individual chapters for easy reference with their Blackline Masters.  We will be adding additional resources soon.

We welcome your feedback on all of these new resources.

The Grade 5 lessons draw upon literature resources that help introduce the subject of residential schools in age-appropriate ways.  You can order these resources from many publishers and distributors, including the aboriginal-owned company Strong Nations.

Chapters and Blackline Masters



Planning For Instruction


Part 1: Learning and the Relationship with the Land       

  1. Remembering the Land
  2. Learning from Generation to Generation
  3. Local Relationship with the Land
  4. The Secret of the DanceAssessment Activities

Part 1 Blackline Masters

BM 1 Activity 1.1.1 Sort and Predict

BM 2 Activity 1.2.3 Learning from Generation to Generation


Part 2: What Were Indian Residential Schools?

  1. Going to Indian Residential School
  2. Power and Authority
  3. Colonial Clash
  4. No Time to Say Goodbye : Thomas

Assessment Activities

Part 2 Blackline Masters

BM 3 Activity 2.3.1 The Indian Act

BM 4 Activity 2.3.2 Colonial Clash

BM 5 Activity 2.3.3 Colonialism Across the World

BM 5 key


Part 3: The Indian Residential School Experience   

  1. The School Building
  2. Mapping a Day in the Life of a Student
  3. Life at an Indian Residential School
  4. School Food
  5. No Time to Say Goodbye: Joey’s Story

Assessment Activities

Part 3 Blackline Masters

BM 6 Activity 3.1.4 British Columbia Indian Residential Schools

BM 7 Activity 3.2.2 Plan of Indian Residential School

BM 8 Activity 3.2.2 Residential School Daily Schedule

BM 9 Activity 3.3.1 Memories of St. George’s Residential School

BM 10 Activity 3.4.1 School Food

BM 11 Activity 3.4.1 School Food document 2

BM 12 Activity 3.4.1School Food document 3


Part 4: The Healing Journey  

  1. Returning Home
  2. Legacies of Indian Residential Schools
  3. Towards Reconciliation
  4. Taking Action

Assessment Activities

Part 4 Blackline Masters    

BM 13 Activity 4.2.2 The Effects of Indian Residential School

BM 14 Activity 4.3.1 Apology by Government of Canada



Literature Resources


References and Resources (Hyperlinked)In this document, follow the links to many of the web resources.