Local Education Agreements

LEA Workshops

We invite you to attend a Local Education Agreements (LEA) Workshop to learn more about best practices identified by BC First Nations representatives around LEAs and LEA development.  At the workshop, you will receive the updated LEA Toolkit and LEA Sample that FNESC has developed to support that important work

(Dates to be announced)

You are welcome to contact us to discuss the possibility of holding an LEA workshop in your community.


Current LEA Toolkit

Virtual LEA Workshop

This four-part workshop discusses LEAs, the FNESC LEA toolkit and how to create and implement an effective LEAs.  It is video created live at a March 2014 full-day workshop in Vancouver.

Building Better LEAs, Part 1 – FNESC Learning Series from FNESC on Vimeo.

LEA Resources

We welcome your feedback on these resources.

LEA Toolkit Jan 2013
LEA Sample December 11 2013 (Word document) for easy adaptation.

Important: Please note that the LEA Toolkit and draft Sample LEA  are not intended as legal advice.  They are draft items for discussion purposes only.