Community Template Presentation for Jurisdiction (September 2022). This template is intended for communities to use and adapt.

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Jurisdiction Agreements and Legislation

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Band Council Resolution (BCR) –The authority mechanism by which the elected representatives of a Band Council authorize an action.

BCTEA – the British Columbia Tripartite Education Agreement. It is an agreement signed between FNESC, BC, and Canada and it sets the foundation for further growth and changes to support the growth of our BC First Nations education system.

BCTEA Funding Estimator Tool – calculates First Nations Schools’ Funding Allocations that an individual First Nation would receive under BCTEA using individual enrolment data and factors that apply specifically to each school. See the latest version on the BCTEA page.

BCTEA Funding Handbook – explains Indigenous Services Canada’s BCTEA Funding Detail Budget Report Table that is sent to First Nations each year to calculate funding for First Nations schools in BC under BCTEA. See the latest version on the BCTEA page.

Community Education Authority (CEA) – a legally constituted entity established by the Participating First Nation to operate its educational system.

Education (as defined in the BC First Nation Agreement) – the provision of an educational program, as defined in the School Act, to children of school age, as defined in the School Act

Education (as defined in the Canada First Nation Jurisdiction Agreement) – education programs and services of a nature generally provided to students enrolled in K-12

Education Co-Management Agreement – the agreement entered into between the Participating First Nation and the First Nation Education Authority

Education Jurisdiction Funding Agreement – a funding agreement entered into between the Participating First Nation and Canada

Federal Enabling Legislation – the legislation enacted by Canada providing a process for bringing this Agreement into legal force and effect

First Nation Education Authority (FNEA) – the legally constituted entity established by federal statute to provide education services to Participating First Nations

First Nations Education Standards -the educational program standards established by the First Nation Education Authority in respect of Participating First Nations Schools

First Nation Education Law – a law passed by the Participating First Nation with respect to the operation of schools under the jurisdiction of the Participating First Nation

First Nation Education Law Making Protocol – a protocol adopted by the Participating First Nation in accordance with this Agreement

First Nations School Certification Process – the process and requirements set out and used by the First Nation Education Authority to certify schools operated by Participating First Nations

Participating First Nation (PFN) – any First Nation that has ratified and signed a Canada-First Nation Jurisdiction Agreement with Canada and that has become a signatory to the BC First Nation Agreement

Participating First Nations School – a school operated by a Participating First Nation, or a Community Education Authority established for that purpose, on First Nation Land

Provincial Enabling Legislation – the legislation enacted by BC which, among other matters, recognizes PFN’s Jurisdiction over education as set out in Canada – First Nation Education Jurisdiction Agreements

Reciprocal Tuition Arrangement – Under the Reciprocal Tuition arrangement, Participating First Nations (PFNs) are obligated to pay public school boards for students from PFNs who are enrolled in public schools. In turn, the province of BC is obligated to pay Community Education Authorities (CEAs) for students who live off reserve or on leased lands off reserve, and are enrolled in an educational program from the CEA, as long as the student qualifies for provincial education funding. Tuition rates will be determined by the provincial per student rates in the applicable region or school district


AFN Assembly of First Nations
BCTC BC Teachers’ Council
BCTEA BC Tripartite Education Agreement
BCTF BC Teachers’ Federation
BCR Band Council Resolution
CEA Community Education Authority
CIRNA Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs
FNEA First Nations Education Authority
FNESC First Nations Education Steering Committee
FNS First Nations Summit
FNSA First Nations Schools Association
ISC Indigenous Services Canada
MOE BC Ministry of Education
PFN Participating First Nation
TRB Teacher Regulation Branch
UBCIC Union of BC Indian Chiefs