English 12 First Peoples is one of three provincial courses available for students to satisfy the Grade 12 English Language Arts graduation program requirement in British Columbia. It is designated as a four-credit course, and has a Graduation Program examination (worth 40% of the final course mark), which all students must write in order to receive credit for this course.

Like English 12, English 12 First Peoples (EFP 12) is designed to satisfy the entrance requirements for the full range of post-secondary educational programs. Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of sophisticated texts of recognized literary merit and complete challenging assignments to rigorous academic standards.
What makes this course different from the existing English 12 course (apart from the unique development process) is that it:

  • is based entirely on the study of “texts” representing authentic First Peoples voices (“texts” is here understood to refer to oral, audio, visual, cinematic, and electronic media works as well written works)
  • incorporates First Peoples principles of learning in the curriculum content and espouses their application in the teaching of the course (pedagogical approaches promoted include direct learning, learning outside of the classroom environment, and incorporating a recursive approach to texts)
  • places increased emphasis on the study and command of oral language and on First Peoples oral tradition
  • recognizes the value of First Peoples worldview, and the importance of culture in language and communication (e.g., the participation of guest speakers from local First Nations or Métis communities in learning is encouraged)
  • promotes teaching the curriculum through a focus on themes, issues, and topics important to First Peoples (as identified by the Advisory Team).

Further details on these attributes of the course are provided in the front matter of the English 12 First Peoples Integrated Resource Package 2007 (the curriculum document) under Key Features of the Course.

Teachers are urged to review this material. Teachers are also encouraged to review the material included under Considerations for Program Delivery in the English 12 First Peoples Integrated Resource Package 2007 (e.g., the sections on Addressing Local Contexts, on Working with the First Peoples Community, and on Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate).