March 17, 2020

Sent on behalf of the FNESC Executive and the FNSA Board

Dear First Nations and First Nations Schools,

Based on the direction of the Public Health Officer, on March 17th the BC Ministry of Education announced the suspension of classes in BC public schools and independent schools until further notice. This decision was based on the growing number of COVID-19 cases throughout British Columbia and world-wide and ensuring the safety of students, staff, and communities. The announcement follows similar decisions in all other provinces and territories and by First Nations for First Nations schools in a number of provinces. 

We recognize that decisions regarding the operation of First Nations schools are made by individual First Nations through their established governance structures.  At this time, FNESC and the FNSA are recommending that First Nations suspend classes in keeping with the direction provided by the Ministry of Education to the public and independent school systems earlier today.  This decision is based on the current advice of public health officials and is intended to protect students, staff, and communities.

As it becomes available, we will share further information on planning for continuity of learning. As this is a fluid and evolving situation, we will continue to monitor events and keep you informed. For links to the most current details and updates from FNESC and FNSA, please visit