With the increased inclusion of First Peoples’ content and perspectives in the BC curriculum, there is a need to incorporate unappropriated First People’s perspectives into Science courses. Previously, the First Nations Education Steering Committee and the First Nations Schools Association developed teacher resources to support courses in Science for Grades 5 to 9, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics. This guide expands these resource materials to include Senior Secondary Science courses.

The Secondary Science First Peoples Teacher Resource Guide is designed to assist science teachers in all BC schools, including First Nations, public and independent school.

The guide includes background information regarding how First Peoples’ knowledge and perspectives in science can be recognized and included in science inquiry. It also offers curriculum planning suggestions, and provides examples of fully developed units that correspond with the Big Ideas and Learning Standards in the BC Provincial Science Curriculum for grades 10 to 12.


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Units and Blackline Masters


Part One: Foundations

Part Two: Thematic Units

Part Three