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With a kids’ section included on this web site, students and families can learn simple phrases and words for First Nations languages in BC.

Scavenger Hunts  

Scavenger hunts are a great way for families to spend some fun and active time together.  They provide children with opportunities to increase their vocabulary and to categorize objects.  This activity can be used indoors.  If it is possible to go outdoors safely and at an appropriate distance from others, scavenger hunts provide an opportunity to share knowledge of the land around the home.   Remember: any outside activities should be considered carefully with the safety and well-being of participants in mind, and recognizing any related First Nations’ directives related to social distancing.  See Appendix 1 for details

Circle Round

This web site provides carefully selected folktales from around the world that have been adapted into sound and music-rich radio plays for kids.


These science and technology related podcasts will ignite student curiosity and wonder about the world of science. Topics range from “The secret world of dust” to “Dreams: The science of a sleeping brain.”

Child-created / directed games

Child-created games allow for creativity and give children the ability to take the lead in play. Games can reinforce math concepts, as well as writing of letters, numbers and words. They encourage families to share and play with one another in the home. See Appendix 2 for details.

Epic Books

This resource is free for a month and contains thousands of fiction and nonfiction books and videos, as well as a section with books that are read aloud.

Reading Eggs

This resource, available free for one-month, includes reading games for 2-4 year olds, 5-7 year olds, and 7-11 year olds.  It teaches phonics in a fun, research-based way with repetition.  It also builds comprehension, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Chatterpix Kids!  

This is a fun, free app that can be used for storytelling.  Children can take a picture of any object and the app magically animates it with a talking mouth.  Download the app on your phone or tablet.

This website is free and has lessons at all grade levels and in many subject areas.  It includes videos, books, lessons, visuals, and resources.  It also has simulations to help students learn math and science concepts with numerous options for practice.

Math card games

With just a deck of cards, students of all ages can use simple and fun card games to build skills ranging from simple addition and subtraction to fractions, decimals and exponents.  

Fun science experiments for kids!

Any suggested activities should be considered with the items that families currently have in their homes.  Families should not be encouraged to go and get materials from elsewhere.

Kids Art Hub

This fun YouTube video is aimed at young children who are interested in learning to draw.  Any suggested activities should be considered with the items that families currently have in their homes.

How to Grow a Garden from Kitchen Scraps

This short video shows kids how to take everyday vegetables, soak them, and wait for the roots to arrive.  Any suggested activities should be considered with the items that families currently have in their homes.

Go Noodle

This fun, kid-friendly site includes tips and tricks to stay active and healthy.  Activities range from physically active games to yoga, mindfulness activities, and confidence boosters.

Geering Up Online

Every day, Geering Up brings a new STEM experiment and activity. This site breaks down the scientific concepts behind the activity, and offers suggestions for how to try the activity at home.  Live-streams will bring interactive and exciting experiences for viewers of all grades!

Additional on-line resources for families

Fun experiments, fact pages, writing activities, and videos for science and social studies are available on these web sites.    

Read Works

This web site is an excellent resource for reading and reading comprehension activities.  If computers are not available for all students, all of the resources are printable.

Khan Academy

This web site provides free, fun online learning classes (with assessments) for math, science, storytelling, computer programming, history, art, economics and much more!

Keeping Kids Active During the Pandemic

This resource from the First Nations Health Authority, shares fun activities to keep young children active and engaged while at home. Link to the resource

PBL Project

This site has a wide selection of fun and educational STEM challenges for students of all ages. Link to the resource


IXL offers skill practice in all areas of math and at all grade levels. Parents can sign up for a free 30-day membership.

Audible Stories

These stories keep children engaged and learning by listening. This is a good activity to use in conjunction with crafting or creating art.  Great for students of all ages – including adults.

Storyline Online

Listen to read-aloud stories on this engaging and entertaining website. Some books have activity guides for parents and teachers.

PBS Learning

PBS Learning offers free educational videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more. Create lessons, quizzes and activities with any of the resources. Good for learners of all ages.

Connected North @ Home

This site provides 4 to 6 daily Connected North sessions for students/families to access directly at home. Topics include such things as Deep Sea Animals, Music and Movements, Narwals and Unicorns, You Are What You Eat, Life Under the Microscope, etc. The website includes links to join live Recordings are available online at and on dedicated apps for Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV!


This activity and its guiding questions are based on the FNESC Science First Peoples Teachers Resource Guide and the lesson plans offered at the BC Royal Museum. See the Activity link.

At-Home Language Learning Lesson

The first objective when learning a language is to listen to it and begin to understand what is being spoken to you. Repetition and exposure is key! This activity is meant to facilitate that experience. Activity link

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