The FNESC/FNSA English First Peoples 10-12 Teacher Resource Guide (2018) is designed provide support for the British Columbia’s English First Peoples 10-12 curriculum.  It includes diverse units, lessons and activities to support the revised EFP 10-12 and ELA 10-12 curriculum using dynamic, rich written, oral, visual, and digital First Peoples literature/text, and reflects evolving educational practice.

This guide amalgamates and replaces two previous FNESC resource guides: the English First Peoples 12 Teacher Resource Guide (2008) and the English First Peoples 10 and 11 Teacher Resource Guide (2010). It includes new material that reflects recent changes to the curriculum, more recently published First Peoples literature, and evolving educational practice.

The guide has the following goals:

  • to contribute to reconciliation for all by building greater understanding of the skills, knowledge, and perspectives of First Peoples for all students
  • to ensure the inclusion of First Peoples knowledge and perspectives is done respectfully and without appropriating First Peoples knowledge
  • to encourage and support the respectful development of local teaching and learning resources
  • to provide support for the implementation of the BC English First Peoples 10-12 provincially prescribed curriculum

English First Peoples (EFP) courses are an exciting addition to the high school curriculum that offers students of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore First Peoples’ worldviews through literature, founded on the First Peoples Principles of Learning. The courses were developed in unique collaboration between the BC Ministry of Education and First Nations Education Steering Committee.

We encourage parents, teachers and students to ask for English First Peoples 10, 11, and 12 courses to be added to course calendars and to raise awareness that EFP 12 is equivalent to English 12 for BC post-secondary entrance requirements.

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